Sea Song

Tiny crabs played
on the rocks below
challenged by the constancy
of the waves
that pushed them away
The sea was pleased
to see me again
and sang melodies
rhythmic and soft

Sea Birds

they stand upon the shore
at possibly nothing.
Each of them
facing the waves
his own way.
They have no need
for time or worry,
they live only for
their next meal, morsel.
There’s no competition
between them,
no hurt of sorrow
just freedom
to catch their wings
upon a passing breeze.
For the wind and waves
to them are home,
and they view life
from the air smelling chances.

Sand Steps

I found
some pretty footsteps
upon the sand so wet,
and felt
that somewhere, somehow
in time
their form I’d met.
So in hopes
I might meet,
the one
who’s feet they’d fit.
I hurried off to follow
along the waves
who at me spit.

Parental Sin

You say you want me to tell this story,
but you won’t hear what I have to say,
If everyone is a homophobe,
that means you too.

I grab your arm as you jab at my chest.
You want to know all about it, correct?
The cabin, the old men
who dropped their pants.
Saw the beer cans they drank and spasmed on.
I remember how hot is it was that day,
but I was cold.
I played outside, playing with myself
for many hours
and I wanted some cold beer.
When I heard a moan,
I turned and saw grandfather with his pants on the floor
saw another man dropped on his knees
as I ran out the door.

I never said a word about what I saw,
only now with these words.
I knew they were terrified,
saw them jerk back, as he released
with such a spasm
When I ran out the door,
all four spasmed with a great moan,
essence poured onto the dirty floor
which I never went back
Grandfather always goes back,
with that smirk and smile
and special twinkle in his eyes.
As I crawled out the closet,
I could hear dance music
over the moaning of men in spasm release.
As I leaned against the wall, and stared at him, a spasm and moan
sent a stream toward his mouth
that hit the dirty floor.

Later, I felt as if I had left my soul
stranded on that dirty floor
where everyone was out for a spasm and moan.
Where rage destroys everything in its wake.
Go on, set your mind at ease.
The devil in the gilded hall
looks too familiar, doesn’t he,
and underneath it all,
like me, you just want to forget.
Tonight, though, for a while you’ll remain awake,
listening to the sounds of another’s passionate moans,
then, comforted, turn over in your bed
and close your eyes,but, the child like the snake
will reenter your life by the unlocked door of sleep.

Ocean Meet

There’s a stairway
leading to the edge
down where the sand
and ocean meet
waiting there for me
is a balmy wind,
and ebbing waves
to caress my feet
There’s a peace I find
as I look out over,
The expanse
of her swelling tide,
I long to be as
a seabird to dance
looking for free meals
and a crest to ride.

My Special Place

There is a place, a special place
where ocean water, ebbs and flows
with rocks upon, which I can sit
where no one, ever hardly goes.
there I can stand, upon their forms
and view, the miles of open sea,
or listen, to her music
and write, the lyrics sung to me
it never changes, and often waits
the old rocks, keep for me warm,
the sea, laps at them constantly
asking when, I’ll be along.
I don’t, get to go there often
but still, it’s my very special place,
For there is where, I find myself
when from the world, I need some space.


I see myself as a snowflake,
unique, with my own design,
my own landing pattern,
as I gently fall to the ground.
I see myself as a chinese box
with faces within faces within
my own changing face.
My brother, my mother, my father
all in the puzzle, all known souls
all exist in a blink of my eye,
or the purse of my mouth.
I see myself as a mimosa seed
the twisting kaleidoscope shield;
I, alone, descended somehow collectively,
born of angles who come angels who come to see,
who fell and emerged,
who filled my first breath.


I don’t want to hear you beg
I’m sick of beggars
If you are a man
take what you want from me
or what you can.
Even if you have me
like some woman across town
you think you love.

Look at me
Standing here with my penis
as straight as yours.
What do you think this is?
The weather cock on a rooftop?

We sneak all over town
like two damn thieves,
whiskey on our breath,
no street lights on the back roads,
just the stars above us
as ordinary as they should be.

We always have to work it out,
walk it through, talk it over,
drink and smoke our way into sodomy.
I could take you to my house
But you’re afraid the neighbors
will recognize you.
I feel thankful I don’t love you.
I won’t have to suffer you later on.

But for now I say
Jack Daniel’s,
Have you had enough, Jack Daniel’s?
Do I look like your lover yet?
Against the fogged car glass
do I look like your cross-town lover?

Day At The Beach

When Sol wasn’t playing
with cumulus
hid and seek,
damsels scantily dressed
in his sunshine
beach combing Casanovas
over coals of hot sand
palm trees fanned
balmy breezes
children dabbled like
throngs of seagulls
As fists of waves
pounded swimmers
to the shore.

As I Sit

As I sit I think of what’s past
What I have done throughout my days
I know I can not make them last
here’s a feeling for brighter and better ways.As I sit the t.v. sounds
Someone like me living at home
I think of home and its surrounds
Now feeling how far I will roam.

As I sit I remember the past road
Its laughter and sorrow it’s meant
I was told of the other road
The one traveled by my parents.

I will not take this road and its meaning
I will follow my path with all my wits
Learning from experience and all the teaching
At the end, I will remember, As I sit.