Branding for Modern Dynamic Products and Organizations

The need for a different method of Branding: The brand has a different meaning in today’s environment. Conventional wisdom held that a brand is an image or a promise and that if you have enough time and money and a good product you can establish and maintain a brand. The main vehicles for establishing a traditional brand where the mass media, print, and broadcasting. But these Medias are all unidirectional, and by that we mean the message went in one direction from the advertiser to the consumer.Today the landscape is changing in several ways. First is the rise of a ubiquitous communications medium that is the antithesis of conventional communication; .. read more

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Transformation of Leadership Annihilation of Leadership: Nietzsche’s Prospective

Presented International Leadership Conference International Leadership Association 14 November 2009 Introduction: Nihilism Explained Nihilism’s dimensions are much broader than the anarchy and destruction of Russia during Pisarev’s and Nechayev’s time. In the modern time nihilism has come to suggest a mood of despair, a sense of emptiness and meaninglessness, a feeling that life finally ends in the nothingness of death. It has also come to mean that moral norms cannot be validated, that relativism and subjectivism render all statements about truth suspect and untenable. In this sense nihilism is an attitude holding that traditional beliefs and values are not founded on any absolute or objective truth, that indeed there is .. read more

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Requirements for Creating a Venture Capital Market: Lessons from the American Model

Jean Robert Hale Hunter Deuling Abstract In working with the Tanzanian Government and Investment Community, this paper seeks to help the parties to understand the core of the U.S. venture capital contracting model, and develops the extent to which the model provides guidance in engineering a venture capital market and, in particular, in identifying a viable role for government in assisting that project. All financial contracts respond to three central contracting problems: uncertainty, information asymmetry and opportunism in the form of agency costs. The special character of venture capital contracting is shaped by the fact that investing in early stage, high technology companies presents these problems in extreme. The genius of .. read more

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Integral Entrepreneurial Leadership Builds a Better Idea

As companies seek more and better ideas, Integral Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to reinvent the innovation process and, by enabling people to collaborate, a integral part of the engine for growth. Innovation in traditional large organizations has always been treated like gold, hidden deep inside secret vault like labs and protected from everyone except the researchers and organizational executives. When products or services emerge from the labs after years of development and historically just one in a hundred emerge and moreover most of these products and services fail. Faced with this lack of productivity, along with increased competition and shrinking product life cycles, CEOs are no longer willing to rely .. read more

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